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claire working on a rare piebald roe doe

Since childhood, taxidermy has always been a fascination. At the age of nine I was trying to 'stuff' mice the cat had brought in!

Determination, passion for the craft, artistic ability and my love of wildlife were to be the foundations of my future.

By the end of 2002, I realised I had the skill and the art, and from there the demand for my work has grown and I haven't looked back.

Working from my barn workshop, situated in the heart of rural North Dorset, I get my inspiration to work on birds and mammals, and accept commissions whether they be a gold medal shooting trophy or an accidental road casualty.

My work complies with all the nessessary legal requirements.

Taxidermy today is making a come back, and when people see my work up close they begin to appreciate the animal and its sheer beauty.

Taxidermy once again is proving to be a popular addition to interior design and decoration.

If you have a specimen you require mounting, or are wishing to purchase a mounted specimen, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

little roe fawn  or telephone 07867 992887

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