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A selection of beautiful Bird mounts. Click on the thumb nail to view full size image.

birds/blackpheasant.jpg birds/woodcock.jpg birds/whitepheasant.jpg birds/blackswan.jpg
birds/blackswanhead.jpg birds/shortearedowl.jpg birds/magpie.jpg birds/pouncingtawny.jpg
birds/casedheron.jpg birds/malekestrel.jpg birds/reevespheasant.jpg birds/tawny.jpg
birds/merlin.jpg birds/crow.jpg birds/parrot.jpg birds/manderin.jpg
birds/greenwoodpecker.jpg birds/flyingteal.JPG birds/flyingwoodpecker.JPG birds/flyingbarnowl.JPG
birds/femalekestrel.JPG  or Tel: 07867 992887

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