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How to Cape Deer

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How to Cape Deer
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how to cape a deer or mammal

Caping for a shoulder mount.

A: Make incision all the way around the animal’s body well behind the shoulder/elbow.

B: Make incision all the way around both front knees.

C: Make incision from back of knees to body incision, making sure to follow the hair line on the back of the front legs for deer. (Note: A B and C are the only cuts you should make on the skin.)
Alternatively- Do not make the 'C' incision and just 'pop' the cut off legs out.

D: Skin down until you are approximately 3 inches from the base of the ears or as far as you practically can. Cut all the way around the animal’s neck, through the meat only, and then cut the neck bone with a saw, or twist off.
Place the head with the tube of skin attached into a plastic bag and freeze, or take it directly to the Taxidermist.

how to cape deer or mammal stage 2

If unable to get to your Taxidermist, the cape will survive in a chiller for approx 36-48hrs depending on set temperature.
If no access to a chiller and or unable to get to your Taxidermist soonest the last two options are to skin completely out and salt cape, or disregard the cape and source a replacement.

The ''Don'ts''..
If it can be helped do not make a Dorsal incision. Although the cape can still be used it is not my preference.
Most definately do not cut all the way down the throat, and not infront of the shoulder, capes with these cuts will be deemed useless.

undesirable cape cuts
undesirable cape cuts

Useful Measurements
When field caping it is useful (but not essential) to take notes of the following three measurements (inches or cm) to give to your Taxidermist..
A: Corner of eye to tip of nose 'in the fur'.
B & C: Circumference of the 'skinned' neck on the beast around throat, and another approx mid-way for more accurate notes as neck thickness can vary.

useful cape measurements  
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