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whistling sika stag

Deer and mammal shoulder mounts I have to say are probably my favourite to work on, where I really enjoy creating true and lifelike expressions.

If you have a set of antlers that you would like turned into a shoulder mount I often have in stock quality Red, Roe, Fallow, Sika, CWD and Muntjac capes that I can put to your antlers.

I also undertake Does and Hinds, they can be equally as stunning and as beautiful as the boys!
Or if anyone is wishing to simply purchase a shoulder mount of any of the above mentioned I can provide respectable, odd and occasionally medal standard heads or females on a commissioned basis. Contact me to discuss what is available. Or see the For Sale section as sometimes I have one or two for sale.

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deer/whitefallowbuck.jpg deer/youngroebuckoddhead.jpg deer/goldmuntjacsneak.jpg deer/shortneckoddhead.jpg
deer/roefox.jpg deer/goldmedalmuntjac.jpg deer/wildgoatcloseup.jpg deer/wildgoatshoulder.jpg
deer/fallow.jpg deer/roefacecloseup.jpg deer/caracal.JPG deer/prettyroebuck.jpg
deer/wildboarcloseup.jpg deer/wildboarpair.jpg deer/wildboar2.jpg deer/wildboar1.jpg
deer/springbok.jpg deer/oldbuck.jpg deer/cwdface.jpg deer/cwd1.jpg
deer/cwd.jpg deer/roebuck.jpg deer/redstagface.jpg deer/exmoorstag.jpg
deer/lateroe.jpg deer/whistlingsikaface.jpg deer/fallowface.jpg deer/goldfallow.jpg
deer/sneaksika.jpg deer/redstag.jpg deer/medalfallow.jpg deer/whitesika.jpg
deer/muntjac.jpg deer/medalroe.jpg deer/peredavid.jpg or telephone 07867 992887

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